Monday, May 18, 2009

Developing Expert Voices

Questions :

March 5 : Probability
(1) The cafeteria special for lunch offers a choice between two main courses (hamburgers or chicken burgers) and three different drinks. The "meal deal" allow you to pick one of each. How many different "meal deals" are they offering?

What if they offer to throw in a choice of fries, spicy fries of plain chips; how many "meal deals are they offering now?

May 12 : Personal Financing
(2) A group of rural students is planning to go to university. One of the members of the group suggests that they purchase an older home rather that rent an apartment. After a careful analysis of their finances, the group decides that their gross monthly income would be $3000.00. Monthly property taxes are estimated to be$125.00. Heating bills are estimated to be $150.00. The group can arrange a mortgage at a rate of 9%. The three members of the group are able to come up with a down payment of $8000.00 Determine he maximum affordable purchase price that can be considered if they take out a 25 year mortgage.

March 12 : Probability
(1) Suppose that, when you go home from school, you like to take as great a variety of routes as possible, and that you are equally likely to take any possible route. You will walk only east or south.
(a) How many ways can you go from the school to home?
(b) What is the probability that you will walk past the post office on your way home?

Time line
May 22 - complete all rough draft questions and ideas.
May 25 - consult with group / partner with the idea and questions
May 29 - rough copy Online.
June 3 - complete the project.
June 4 - 5 add little touch ups to project and hand in published project.


Darren Kuropatwa said...

The Personal Finance question is a good one on which to base yours. The Probability question you chose is really an introductory sort of question. I expect a little more sophistication from you at this point. ;-)

The timeline looks good.

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