Friday, May 15, 2009

Dev. Project


March 12, 2009 Probability

Suppose that, when you go home from school you like to take as great a varitey of routes as possible, and that you are equally likely to take any possible route. You will walk only east or south.

How many ways can you go from the school to home?
What is the probability that you will walk past the post office on your way home?

May 4, 2009
A ship needs to travel in the direction of 40'. The ship has a speed of 20 knots in still water. A current of six knots at 340' is pushing the ship. Determine the direction the ship is headed and the magnitude of the ship's resultant velocity.

Time Line:

May 25th: Rough Copy for Questions
May 29th: Rough Copy for Online Portion of Project
June 5th: Complete Project
June 7th: Hand in Project


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