Monday, May 18, 2009

Developing Expert Voices

#1 Matricies

Given these matricies:

1. For each operation listed below, state if it is possible to perform the operation or not.

(a) A + C (b) B + C
(c) 2.2A (d) 2A - 3C
(e) AB (f) BC

2. Perform each of the following operations.

(a) C + 2B

(b) 3A

(c) CA

#2 Personal Finance

Camilla wants to drive a small economy car priced at $19 800 before taxes. PST is 7% and GST is 5%. She has $3 500 to use as a down payment for buying. If she buys the car, she will get a 4 year loan at 8.5% to pay for it. What is the total cost of buying the car?

Time Line:

May 23/24 - I will have my first problem done.
May 25-29 - I will work on my next two problems.
May 30/31 - I will have all 4 problems finished and looked over.
June 1 - I will start my reflection.
June 6 - I'll have my presentation published.


Darren Kuropatwa said...

Good timeline! The first question is a little more mechanical than the sort of thing I'd like to see you do. Look back at some of the word problems we did to get some more ideas.

The second problem is a good start but could be fleshed out a little more.

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