Sunday, May 3, 2009


Soaring, flying, there's no star in heaven that we can't reach, if were trying, were breaking free. [8]

Sorry song stuck in my head just watched HSM again. Haha, so anyways, here is my blog after a 2 day rest, I already forgot what I was supposed to talk about even though I did write down notes on what I should scribe on today.

So on May 1st, which was last Friday, I was chosen by Iris (grr, don't like you =P), we had our last class of Vectors. Yipee! But which also means that there will be another test coming up which is on Tuesday. And tomorrow will be our Pre-Test, so everyone be prepared =). And also just a reminder don't forget to post your reflection for the unit Vectors.

Back to my post

So on Friday Mr. K finally finished the unit of Vectors, he also showed us another method aside from the Triangle Method. And it is called the Parallelogram Method, instead of having the vectors go from tip-to-tail. The Parallelogram Method goes from tail-to-tail.

This is how the Parallelogram Method is to be used:

So anyways instead of 2 vectors being connected, there will be 3 vectors. Thus forming the parallelogram shape, and when you put another vector down the middle, it also forms two triangles. Also a reminder that when you are creating a diagram like this, make sure that the scale respects your diagram.

After that explanation Mr. K solved a problem with us, this problem was kinda confusing for me but it all worked out in the end, here it is:

There really isn't much to explain any further, so all I gotta say is study hard and prepare for the Vectors test on Tuesday.

Next person I chose is Camilla for scibe! Haha.


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