Monday, May 18, 2009

Developing Expert Voices

Question #1: (March 27; Statistics)

The table shows the lengths in millimetres of 52 arrowheads.

(Didn't type out the numbers, but will create a similar question to this one.)

(a) Calculate the mean length and the standard deviation.

(b) Determine the lengths of arrowheads one standard deviation below and one standard deviation above the mean.

(c) How many arrowheads are within one standard deviation of the mean?

(d) What percent of the arrowheads are within one standard deviation of the mean length?

Question #2: (March 17; Probability)
The probability that Gallant Fox will win the first race is 2/5 and that Nashau will win the second race is 1/3.

1. What is the probability that both horses will win their respective races?

2. Wha tis the probability that both horses will lose their respective races?

3. What is the probability that at least one horse will win a race?

Time line

May 20 - Consult with the group and decide which units were going to do our projects on.

May 22 - Make sure that everyone has slowly progressed on their projects and help each other out on what their missing.

May 25 - Another group meeting, making sure everyone has got something done.

May 30 - Start putting bits an pieces of our project together.

June 3 - Complete Project

June 4 -6 - Put the finishing touches on the project

June 7 - Hand in completed assignment


Darren Kuropatwa said...

Good questions Kyle, the second one might need a little more "meat", if you know what I mean?

Your timeline needs to be a little more specific:

e.g. All questions written by: ....

All solutions done and verified by ...

All solutions annotated by ....

Presentation of question ## done by ...


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