Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Developing Expert Voices

Question 1 : Personal Finance

Debt. Equity Ratio = Total Liabilities - Mortgage / Networth

Lebron is married with two childen. He wants to borrow money to make a major purchase.
His financial advisor prepares a net worth statement for his family with the following.

Lebron and his family live in an $80,000 home on which there is an outstanding mortgage of $52,000.00. He owns a car valued at $20,000.00 and owes 12,000.00 on a 2-year loan he took to buy the car. He has $5000 and a short term personal loan for $2500.00. The family has $1500.00 in a chequing account and another $3000.00 in a savings account. He owns a boat worth $5000.00

Question 2 :


May 24: Rough Copy for Questions & Solve Questions
May 25: Create visuals for project
May 26 - 31: Put together all visuals on computer
June 1 - 6: Complete Project
June 7: Hand in Project


Darren Kuropatwa said...

Don't forget, you also have to annotate your solutions to the problems you create.

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