Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Project Thing

for one of the questions (since my computer wont let me view past posts/videos, i am just remembering back to a question i remembered from matrices about trips between cities.
I will figure out the details once i get with my partner.

My second question is from the unit of probability.
On the board game you can move pieces diagonally forward.
a) determine the number of different pathways from the game piece to each of the squares on the other side of the board.
b)assume the player is equally likely to go left or right. what is the probability it will land on each destination.

My timeline is the same is chelsias


Darren Kuropatwa said...


You have a textbook you borrow from me last week where you can find model Matrices questions. Pick one, copy it, and publish here by editing this post.

Also, enter your timeline here as well. Saying that yours is the same as Chelsea's isn't the same thing as publishing your timeline.

When you've made these changes this post will be "counted" towards your project. Until then, the assignment remains undone.

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