Monday, May 4, 2009


Our topic is about vectors, for me it is kind of easy an hard. Í am confuse about the question finding the direction. Like the last Pre-test.

The airspeed of an airplane is 300km/h. A wind blows from due east at 50km/h. In what direction does the plane need to head in order to travel north.

That question bug me and it is confusing. I just trying to solve it but i don't know how. When we take the test, i just guessed it and when we discuss it by group we were also confused how to do it. I'm also trying to figured it out but my brain hurts.

On the other hand, other problem is a bit easy compare to that question. Just being humble but vectors is more easier that statistic. ^_^..Statistic is really hard for me.

by the way...we have test..On Tuesday 05, 2009...shh don't tell anyone..^_^


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