Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Developing Expert Voices

Question #1 Personal Finance Unit

Shaiana wishes to invest $2000.00 given by her grandfather. She has an option guaranteed earning investment certificated of 8.5%, compounded quarterly, or a savings bond of 9%, compounded semi annually.

Which investment should she choose?

If each investment is termed 5 years, what will the difference of their values be at the end of the term?

Question #2 Matrices Unit

On the soap opera, the young and the mathematical Ann is in love with Buck and Dash. Dash is in love with Ann, Charlotte and Elvira. Charlotte who just broke up with her fiancé after learning that he was dating the University of Winnipeg women's basketball team, has fallen in love with Frank, not realizing that he is actually her step brother who has returned to Winnipeg with amnesia and major plastic surgery after the tragic explosion of a graphing calculator at a secret CSIS cryptography lab. Frank is in love with Elvira. Buck is in love only with himself. Write a connection matrix detailing the relationships among the six named characters. Include labels and other explanations to make your work clear.

Time Line:
May 23: Rough Copy for Questions & Solve Questions
May 24: Create visuals for project
May 25 - 31: Put together all visuals on computer
June 1 - 6: Complete Project
June 7: Hand in Project


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