Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's Notes

In today's notes, we learn of two ways on how a normal distribution curve is formed. Using the mean and the standard deviation (in other words, z-score) we can form what shape it is. The mean, is the indicator to where the curve is position on a horizontal plane, whilst the standard diviation is indicates how steep the curve is. Depending on the standard diviation, the curve can either become very narrow or very wide. You can determine whether the standard deviation is smaller or larger by the curve's shape. If the curve is narrow, the standard diviation is small, and vice versa when the curve is wide.

We've also have learned of how to interpret a Z-Score. By multiplying the score with the Standard Deviation then adding it with the mean, we reveal the value of the Z-Score itself.

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Roe said...

If this post gets past the second page, I'm not handling it anymore. It will forever be texted as this.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn, I actually looked through the older posts before looking for how to make a histogram (still having trouble with it, actually. Working on it).

Also, this scribe will forever be tagged with the unit that it relates to. So if anybody

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That is, if anybody wanted a refresher on the unit, your post would not help as much as it could.

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