Wednesday, April 22, 2009



So this is my reflection on the unit of statistics, unfortunately i was away for a week during this unit but when i got back and learned things the same time as the rest of the class i understood.

The things i understood where things like:

  • the binomial and normal distribution,
  • how you calculate.
  • i also understand the mean median and mode good.

the things i didn't understand was:
  • the z-scores, how to get them and what they are and do.
  • how to get a histogram on your calculator and what it represents
  • inversnorm command
  • the standard deviation.
  • the shadenorm and normalcdf normalpdf are understandable but i am not completely confident in it and that is because i don't know which to use for what problem. usually my problems start because i don't know which formula to use for what problem...

over all this unit was good a little hard but hopefully i pass the test and carry on with my studies.



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