Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi everyone, are today's lesson is about the disscussion of the assignments.

for example:

Find the probability of getting a z-score less than 0.90 in a standard normal distribution.

-as we can see, the normal distribution is equal to 1 and the middle or the mean is 0.50. Like in fraction, 0.75 is about three fourth (3/4) in normal standard curve and it is approximately between the mean and in 1 standard deviation.

-in solving the the probability of getting a z-score less than 0.90 is:
normalcdf(-5,0.90) is equal to o.8159 or 0.82.

-by using a calculator, you simply first:
*the home screen must be cleared and press 2nd.
*then, hit the VARS
*next is press 2 to move in normalcdf(
*after that it will back to home screen with normalcdf( , and just add like normalcdf(-5,0.90).

NOTE: you must always put an closing brackets after you put the numbers.

another example is:

What is the z-score if the probability of getting less than this z-scroe is 0.65?
-in solving this question, we will use invNorm, because the question ask is not about the area compare to the first one.

*first, press 2nd
*then,hit the VARS key again just like the procedure in using normalcdf(
*next is, press 3
*after that, put the numbers like invNorm(0.65) is equal to 0.3853 or 0.39.

the last question would be is:

What is our assignment today?

guys sorry for being kind of late in blogging our lecture today, I hope you will correct me if i have mistakes.


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