Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's class Mr. K took the sheet that we did last friday and he handed our quiz back.

We then went over the homework from the slides he told us to do last Friday with the groups that he had assigned. We pretty much just reviewed everything we've done over the past week.

Mr. K gave us an example of matrix multiplication solving x and y.
Solve for x and y:

To solve x you have to take the first row and multiply it to the 2nd column.
0(3) + 8(x)=
0 + 8x = 40
x= 5
To solve y you have to take the 2nd row and multiply it to the 1st column.
-11(3) + -9(18) = y
-33 + -162 = y
-195 = y

After we solved x and y he gave us a problem and we had to do it with our group and it was to be hand in before the class ended. So if you miss today's class your lucky because we didn't do that much !

The next scriber would be Alvina ! :)


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