Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scribe Post, Pascal's Triangle

The news for today is: *drum rolls*
Hey Hey guys~! In today's class we began by looking at Pascal's triangle. First off we all looked at Pascal's triangle as Dr.Eviator began encouraging us to take a step up and find the next row, which the triangle looks like this and the red numbering is the next row is the answer, here is the picture so you guys can see what we did.

Pascal's triangle is a geometric arrangement of binomial coefficient's which is one of the reason why this is mentioned in today's class.
We start the first row with a 1 because 0+1 = 1

Hence is why we the result in the second row is two 1's. Then it continues the pattern which is adding the top number's which for the 3rd row you would add 1+1=2. For the 4th row to get the 3's you will add 1+2=3. For the 5th row you will add 1+3=4, 3+3=6, 3+1=4 and the one's at both ends.
We also looked for patterns in the triangle and there were a couple that everyone can see just by looking at it. I also found an animation on the internet which is found in at this url.

I hope the animation I found helps you come to an understanding of how the triangle works a bit more visually. In another sense here is also another way you can look at Pascal's triangle. It is used in today's word problem. Which basically first we had to find how many ways we would pass the post office which was 3 ways. The next question was how many ways we can find to go the school which was 35 ways. And finally we had to find the probability of passing the post office on the way to school. Well that's all for today ladies and gentlemen sorry for the late post I was exhausted today and took a bit of a long nap>.< Lamael~!


Hadass Eviatar said...

Good post, David! I love your Pascal app. I'm definitely stealing it for the next time I teach this unit ;-).

Cheers, Dr. Eviatar.

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