Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today in class we started off being broken down into groups. We then quickly checked our homework. We were then given a problem to solve, it's on the slides today March 11, slide 9.

The question was:
Suppose that, when you go home from school, you like to take as great a variety of routes as possible, and that you are equally likely to take
any possible route. You will walk only east or south.

We used the Pascal's Triangle to s
olve how many ways we can get from School to home. The answer was 180 ways to get from School to Home.

This is how it was done:

Then we went into more depth of the question, Daniel went up and explained that there was really only a certain way to go home AND pass the post office. This is what he means. The red lines shows how many ways you can pass the post office, from school to home. The blue just shows the extra routes going from school to home, WITHOUT passing through the post office.

now getting back to the question which was, what is the probability of passing the post office on your way home.

The answer would be:

Number of ways from School to Home passing the post office: 72
Over the total number of ways from School to Home: 180

SO: 72 / 180 would be the probability of passing through the post office on your way home!

Reminder, always reduce fractions if possible!

Reduced fraction = 2 / 5

And the next scribe would be..



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