Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today in class Mr.K started off by putting us into groups. We went over the homework that was assigned to us the night before. The answers to the questions are posted on todays slides, March 12th.

The new lesson we learned today was COMBINATIONS ( the "choose" formula). The formula is as follows:

"n" is the number of objects availabl to be arranged

"r" is the number of objects tht are being arranged


You would read this as 10 "choose" 5 equals 10 divided by 5 factorial multiplied by 5 factorial.

By choosing 5 people to make a team which equals 5!, that means there is remainder of 5 other people from the 10.

The answer to this question is : 252

Another example:

This you would read as 15 "choose" 3 equals 15 divided by 3 factorial multiplied by 12 factorial.

This shows that you would choose 3 people(3!) out of the 15 people (15!) given which leaves you with 12 people (12!) left.

The answer is: 455

Tomorrow is Pi day. So don't forget to bring your pies. Also remember to find a cool math joke to share with the class.

The scriber I choose is:



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