Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello There !

Today Mr. K started off with putting us in groups and went over what we did yesterday. He talked and went over the permutations (the 'Pick' formula) examples and the homework that he assigned yesterday. The homework from yesterday took most of the time in class, he also added questions to our homework from yesterday.

The question is: What is the probability that one of these numbers is even if the digits are randomly chosen?, that question goes with question number two part c. We can solve the question by finding the solution of question 2a and 2b and dividing them together to find the probability of one of those numbers to be even when the digits are randomly chosen.

After he went over the homework we had to work on new questions that deals with.....

PERMUTATIONS of NON DISTINGUISHABLE OBJECT. It's the number of ways to arrange n objects that contain K1,K2,K3 set of non distinguishable objects.



Since there are 4 letters and 2 letters that are the same the equation would be 4!/2! = 12


Since there are 11 letters and 4S's, 4I's, 2P's, the equation would be 11!/(4!*4!*2!) = 34650.

Non distinguishable object is an easier way of solving problems. We didnt really get to look into it a lot so Mr. K said we would do some more tomorrow !

The next scriber would be....
KYLE ! =)


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