Thursday, March 26, 2009

Niwatori's Corner (Statistics - Zscores!)


Welcome back to Niwatori-san's corner and today is Z-scores. Feed the need for more MATH!

For Your Information. . . . Red Anecdotes Stuff to know/IMPORTANT STUFF but take it however you will
Blue Anecdotes kinda important so like review it if you like
Green is for formulas/calculations with the calculator and so forth

After the briefing of when a standard deviation is 1,2,3 or even 4 deviations above or below the mean... might as well tell you what "above/below standard deviations from the mean" means.

**In short, you have the mean of a set of data and then a standard deviation from the data the whole basis is when you are "below" the mean you subtract the number of standard deviations from the mean getting a negative number. Being "above the mean" just means to add the number of standard deviations to the mean.
The formula for this is:When you need to get a Z-score to determine which side is greater than the other you get the Z-scores of all the needed info. Then you compare with which number is greater.

Sorry but I couldn't think of an example right at the moment but look over the slides MR.Kuros posted up.

Look look the thing is for now is to use this formula for the distribution tables and follow along with the lessons to come.

Sorry that this post is short but that's all I can think of with my Knowledge for now.
(Plus it's just a review of what we did anyways so meh sue me >-<)

Anywho.. . . . David-san is the next Scriber! (>_<>

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