Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sorry about the lateness

The first thing we learned yesterday was an easier way to find z scores.

1. Go to stat then edit.

2. Then go to L1 and push in the list of numbers.

3. Go to L2 and at the top push in (L1-mean)/the standard deviation.

4. Now you have your z scores :)

We also learnt about Normal distribution

Above is a picture of normal distribution. Notice how it has a bell shape, this will help you indentify normal distribution in a graph. Most of the data in normal distribution is continuous (has decimal places). There are certain properties of normal distribution which are...
1. 68% of data lies within 1 standard deviation of the mean.
2. 95% of data lies within 2 standadrd deviations of the mean.
3. 99.7% of data lies within 3 standard deviation of the mean.

There are other facts about normal distribution. The area under the curve equals one. The x axis is an asymptote for the curve (the line goes close but never hits zero). Tha graph is symetrical. as well the farther away you go out the less data there is.

Another thing we talked about in class is how to find the mean with the z score. To do this you have to follow the formula (z score * standard devation)+ mean

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