Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today in class we did a matrices workshop. We touched up on many things in class today like for example solving for "X" and "Y", how connections can relate and create a connectivity matrix and how putting a connectivity matrix to the power of say 3 or 4 will result in different connections. After refreshing or memory we put or knowledge into some "real life situation" word problems. As of such since we didn't learn anything new I will just post examples of the problems we did today.

Example One

Solve for "X" and "Y"

So the first step would have to be finding X, remember row by column

(So what I did here was I knew "X" multiplied by 10 equals 50.
So I divided 10 from both sides to get "X" all by itself.
50 divided by 10 equals 5 so "X" equals 5)
Next we do the same for Y

(Now knowing that "X" is 5 we use that instead.
Then following the same steps we come up with 7.)

There you have it that's how you solve for "X" and "Y"

Example Two

Connectivity matrices

So an airline called purple lines just opened and this is how there flight patterns work on a one way trip

Create a connectivity matrix

Now for a word problem

Iris is lost and can't help herself, so henson being the bright guy he is ask whats the problem.
Iris asks how can I get from Vancouver to Montreal in a two hop flight route.

So how can henson help her? Easy

( By taking the matricies and putting it to the power of 2 you get the two hop flight routes, but what your really intrested in finding is the route from V to M)

After punching this into the calculator the two hop flight from Vancouver to Montreal is 1

And so these two things are what we reviewed in class today example one shows how you can solve for X and Y and example two shows how connectivity matrices can be drawn, read from a drawing and demonstrates how you can find different connections through the use of powers. So the next scribe person I choose is....



Lani said...

Hi Henson,

Thanks for posting the examples of the problems you did in class.

I like the one in which you and Joyce are subjects! Do you find that the real life problems help your understanding of the math concepts?

Best wishes,

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