Thursday, February 5, 2009

Niwatori-san's Corner: "welcome to the matrix"

O hayao gozimasu (that's hello formally in japanese)

Niwatori-san here again telling you the viewers what we did in class today!

Well in today's class we briefly talked about the "Digital Ethics" pros and cons about "posting online" All the digital ethics really is saying is to be precautious about your internet postings online. One little thing you don't want to say/mean online could bite you back in your future days.

And a note from Mr . Kuros saying about a John J. Medina and how exercise is the best stimulant to toggle the brain cells to work efficiently. Dr Medina says that our blood flow is rushed after doing exercise opening up the brain stimuli to take in information.


After all the "Oath" pledging in class to follow the rules of the online discretion concerning posting. Most of us said, "Yes" we agree to the terms agreed and although we didn't get to write a signed approval Mr . Kuro's Firm grip sure is enough >___<>'_')> (kirby dancing by the way)

So remember Scalar and Vector Matrix multiplication?

If you don't here's a reminder

Scalar is the multiplication with no rules to multiplying you just multiply with the given variable/number to the given matrix


6* [ 3 2 1 = [ 18 12 6

4 2 3] 24 12 18]

this method is done by multiplying by 6 variable by each

individual number in the matrix such of 6 * 1,1 = 3

6*3 = 18 see?

Vector has rules you got to know and follow in order to get the right results.

This diagram shows you step by step "How to do?" Vector guide

EH??! You're saying my diagram looks like a paperweight newspaper?!

(well itz true it does look like it )

Anywho that is about sums (Lol SUMS that's what math does to you when start speaking in math terms) up the class from today. Oh yeah, there are some questions left to do on the blog itself. They're on the slides so check there while looking thru check out Mr . Kuros videos he posted along with the slides of today.

And to all of the people who didn't sign for blogger now is the time to do so to get easy marks people!! 10% cmon! Also read Digital Ethics over if you haven't done so it's important to know cuz you never know ya know?!

Well Niwatori-san is tired now and time is of an essense.

GAMBETE MINA!!! (work hard people!! in japanese of course!)

Next scriber is .... *drum roll plz....* (same tumbleweed passing by) "dang it all!"

*******Camilla********** YAY! *passes baton "clap clap clap" skoots off "pwoosh pwoosh pwoosh"


Daniel said...

Is your name niwatori? I think you have to tag it "Phong" haha

Phong said...

ehehe nah Niwatori-san is Niwatori-san letz just go with Niwatori-san

Lani said...

Hi there,

What a nice job you've done scribing!

You've not only explained the important math content but also made sure your classmates note the importance of digital citizenship and exercise and taught your readers some Japanese!!

I'm wondering what you and your classmates reactions are to Dr. Medina's brain rule #1?


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