Friday, February 13, 2009


Today's class we started off with naming countries, after we all named a country we did a little quiz about "Connectivity Matrices". After we finished correcting the quiz, he gave us a problem and we had to do it with our group and to be hand in before the end of class. There was really nothing new, test is coming up soon, just read through the previous posts and it'll help you with your studying to the unit of matrices.

Here are some examples

What is the size of the matrix?

It would be 3x4 because it has 3 rows and 4 columns

What is entry (2,3) of the matrix?

We are looking for the entry in the second row and the third column of A, which is 4

What is A + B?

Let A = and B =

Matrix addition is defined by adding the corresponding entries of the two matrices.

to get answer go 2nd matrix > hit the right arrow twice > edit > 2x2 plug in [A]

same thing for [B] then , [A] + [B] =

What is the matrix 7Z if Z =

When multiplying a matrix by a scalar, each entry in the matrix is multiplied by the scalar.

the answer is

Let A = and B = Which of the following matrices is equal to the matrix AB?

Since A is a 4 × 3 matrix and B is a 3 × 2 matrix the product AB is a 4 × 2 matrix.

the answer is

Unit test coming up soon so just continue reading the posts everyday.

... and before i end this , the next scribe is ....



Lani said...


Color coding your answers and your annotations are really effective ways to guide your reader and help them understand the process! Thank you!

Are you finding the posts on the blog are helping you with being successful in your math course?

Best wishes,

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