Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Niwatori-san's Corner (Sequences)

Anyong-hi jumuseyo

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Remember that your projects are due the midnight of Sunday. So make sure to get it in quite

Well Getting back to the topic of Sequences the main topic tonite is FRACTALS!

You remember the "Trippy" show of the fractal of the island
(ok i don't remember the name of the island

off my head) yes well like in class how it was discussed that the fractal can be
divided into similar shapes

by dividing the whole shape into subsequent pieces equal to one another.

**** When looking at a fractal such things can follow through your head like:

* Will this fractal diverge/converge? (grow/come to one point)
* What's the area of the shaded areas? (If asked this question)
* What's the implicit and recursive definitions of this fractal
(the "exponential equation" and the
"general definition" through means of finding a common ratio between the
2nd and the 1st numbers in a geometric sequence)

And so forth.... (im sure there are more but for now this is all i can
manage to pull out of my hat
sorry I couldn't
pull a bunny rabbit but better luck next time =p)

All is done through a number of series of "careful" observation and analysis of
the fractal
finding the pattern to the piece. Or more rather the point of it all.

Well right now you can see that the slides haven't been posted yet so
don't be blaming Mr.Kuros if it didn't sink in
to your minds to what
was done in class. And sorry if I sounded rude but it's how blunt i need
to be for the understanding
of the course.

All in all my good mates around the world watching us and to my fellow
bloggettes/student peers
"Math is the Science of Patterns" - Mr . Kuros

Follow looking for similar paths along your way in life and in the progression
of your studies/classes.
The more patterns you have the more easier it is for
you to solve the mysteries of your own "CASE"

And Im yet again sorry folks but I totally forgot to inform about the solving
of the "Shaded Areas"
I was sorta stuck between the path to finding
the shaded area and it's a little sketchy about the details
but Im sure Ill
get it right away and clear this passage just for your info *pinky promise*

Anywho this ends the night until another day and another time.
Niwatori-san signing off -__-

*throws pokeball misses and then walks away* (
utter defeat)

quote from Niwatori-san -
"The sun is the open pinnacle to enlightenment by revealing the shadows
of your talents"


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