Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statistics Reflection

The statistics unit is a rather very long unit. I found most of the things easy to under stand,but after we finished learning about the normal curve and how it is distributed, we learned about binomial distribution. Binomial distribution is what i found the hardest to understand and grasp. I do not think it was the concept that was hard, but how the problems are worded. The problems are worded with lots of "math words" that often confuse me. It has always been difficult for me to get the important info out of a math word problem, but other than that it pretty much all makes sense to me.
Ooh and another thing a little hard to me is remembering what calculation to use to find each missing piece of info. For example:_finding the mean, s.d., the z-scores and now the confidence interval are tough to remember....... This divided by this times that, that minus this over those,yadayada.


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